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Who we are...

We are your neighbors

Every four years (during the primary following a presidential election) Lawrence County Republican Committee positions are on the ballot. We are here to represent you to the PA State Committee as well as provide you with opportunities to participate in events that promote Republican beliefs and to interact with candidates and elected officials.

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What we stand for

We work to promote the ideals upon which our country and party were founded: freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, and accountability — for all.

  • Win the War on Terror
    Ensuring that Americans remain safe, terrorists are defeated, and democracy flourishes in the world

  • Restore the American Dream
    Creating an environment where everyone has the opportunity to achieve the American Dream

  • Strengthen our Communities
    Preparing students for success in life by bringing the benefits of education reform to local schools

  • Strengthen our Families
    Protecting the sanctity of marriage and the rights of the unborn

  • Reduce the Size of Government and Streamline the Bureaucracy
    Fighting for individuals’ rights in opposition to a large, bloated government

Who We Stand For

Everyone and anyone that believes in a strong, free America and the ideals on which our country is founded.

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