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The Lawrence County Republican Committee serves as liaison between our county residents and the PA State Committee. It is important that lines of communication remain open so that our cares and concerns can be addressed by politicians in Harrisburg: or we can mobilize to support candidates that put PA FIRST!
LCRC Officers
Chair Lynne Ryan
Vice-Chair Michele Conti
Treasurer Robin Singer
Assistant Treasurer Dale Turner
Secretary Jeanie Steele
Assistant Secretary Sherry Patton
Republican County-wide Elected Officials

Commissioner Dan Vogler
Commissioner Brian Burick
County Controller David Prestopine
Register & Recorder Tammy Crawford

PA State Legislators
PA Senator Elder A Vogel, Jr
PA Senator Michele Brooks
PA Representative Aaron Bernstine District 10
PA Representative Marla Brown District 9

But, that's not everyone!
Each precinct in the county has the opportunity to have two representatives. One of our goals is to have EVERY SINGLE PRECINCT represented. Sadly, at this time we don't, but we know as you get to know us and interact with us, you'll want to become a member of the Lawrence County Republican Committee!
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